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Machine Bases



Custom precision castings designed for the Machine Industry provide a solid foundation offering exacting surface tolerances, significant vibration dampening, great thermal stability, and superior corrosion resistance. Machine bases cast in our Zanite polymer concrete offer quieter operation and no deterioration from common fluids.

Typical applications include high speed machining cells, turning centers, CNC knee mills, milling machines, waterjet cutting machines, laser cutting machines and grinders, screen printing machines, wafer profilers, x-ray and MRI machines.


Machine Base Features:


Dampen Vibration:

Improved system performance and tool life


Thermal Stability:

Allow for reliable use in variable temperature environments


Noise Reduction:

Increased quality and reliability


Design Flexibility:

Reduces assembly times by incorporating multiple components


Quick Production Times:

Cast within days and ready to assemble reduces production cycles and inventory


Environmentally Friendly:

Cold casting process reduces impact to environment


Corrosion Resistant:

Impervious to most fluids and provides a long lasting structure


Lower Cost:


Eliminates most secondary machining operations found in metallic castings creating a competitive advantage.



Typical Industry Use:

  • Medical

  • Prepress

  • Metrology

  • Semiconductor

  • Utility (Electric & Telecomunications) Pads

  • Nanotechnolog


Molds and Tooling:

Molds can be made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or any combination depending on the application & design.

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